Recreated Human Spirit (Page 7)

Disarming Tragedy Pt. 1

Tragedy can seem like calamity. It is something we invite and the breeding ground for most Christians. Tragedy brings needless problems and it comes everywhere including within us. As believers God has revealed the main problem to his people. We fail to apply the word of God when we have situations; we rely on our emotions, carnal and fleshly desires to lead us rather than God word. In this we have lost the art of praying effectively so we pray the problem and not the solution thought the Word. Thus the enemy has destroyed us with our own prayers. In this message, Teacher Melvine Walker will teach you, how tragedy/calamity is invited in your lives. She will also teach you how to Disarm the Tragedy in your life and how to apply the knowledge of the Word of God with Wisdom.

Retaining Christ

One Definition Of Retain Is To Keep In Ones Possession. While The Word Says He Will Never Leave Or Forsake Us. Our Passion And Desire Should Be To Also Never Leave Or Forsake Him. Teacher Melvine Walker Goes Into How Important It Is For Us To Retain Christ….

Hope Against Hope P.2

A Word That Has Carried A Negative Connotation Has Been Completely Misunderstood And Misused There By We Have Not Been Able To Access The Power That Comes With The True Understanding…Teacher Melvine Walker Continues To Go Into The Importance And Purpose Of Hope