Intercessory Prayer

Under the guiding hand of Pastor Rod Walker, God has used Walker Ministries to form a powerful force against the kingdom of darkness through prayer.

“We believe that prayer is the first and most effective offensive weapon for the Christian, and that God moves mightily on behalf of the fervent and effectual prayer of a righteous man.”

With that mindset in place, Walker Ministries gathers every Tuesday at 6:30 pm to intercede on behalf of our nation, the lost, persecuted, and broken.

While we are always careful to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, Walker Ministries’ first desire in prayer is the peace of Jerusalem and the persecuted saint, following the Scriptures’ mandate to cover always his beloved people.We believe that prayer should have a governmental and national focus. Through consistent and intense intercession, we set ourselves in battle array against the demonic spiritual forces presiding over the nations of the world.

Also we seek to wake up the Church to the reality of the second coming of Christ, which is imminent.  Understanding that the enemy has sought to confuse and lead astray the body of Christ, we forsake our own worldly desires, and instead petition the Holy Spirit here in the earth. Also, in keeping with the Word of God, we embrace wholeheartedly the healing power of prayer, believing that it is the first line of defense against any sickness or disease, and God has rewarded us with miracles, signs and wonders.

With an absolute and immovable stance on the power of prayer, Walker Ministries  believes that we will see the Church revitalized and the unstoppable power of God transform the face of the earth through the hearts of men and women on the knees before the throne of the Father.