Identification With Christ: Twofold Oneness Pt.2

Identification with Christ- 2-Fold Oneness P.2


How do you Identify Yourself?

  1. Others people’s success
  2. Objects (house,car, lack thereof)
  3. Clothes, Shoes…..
  • When we don’t receive the word of God we are every moment returning back to our old self.
  • When Christ made sin he allowed sin to take possession of his spirit.  He a lot it take possession of him body soul and spirit and allowed it to destroy his so we can be free from sin.

What is the 2 fold oneness?

  1. His oneness with our sin on the cross
  2. Our oneness with him and his glory on the throne
  3. He was sitting on the right hand side of authority and power.


What does Identification mean…

    1. Identification- the act that finding out who someone is may include an image or photo
      1. act of identifying with someone
      2. when an individual model thoughts and actions that incorporates a mental image
      3. extension of another as perception of one’s self (Extension of God as our self)
      4. our complete union with him as him being our sacrifice
      5. it’s the legal side of our redemption
      6. it unveils what christ did for us from the cross to him sitting on the right side of the father
    2. We see ourselves as the old man and not with Christ..
    3. How should our heart take in id ..-
    4. Christwas made Sin.
        1. this is the entrance to understanding our identification.

Key Facts to Identification-(what connect us to identifying with Christ)

    1. when death slew Christ it slew (destroyed)  itself
      1. we are more than a conqueror
    2. He conquered sin when he allowed it to overcome him.(his spirit)
    3. He conquered  when he let satan gain the master over him. (his spirit)
    4. He conquered disease when he let disease take over him. .(his spirit)
    5. He became one with Satan in spirituaL death to make us one with God in Spiritual Life.
    6. With– accompanied, calls to be,  or go along, to be in association connection and  accompanied association or interacting of another
    7. to substitute- to take the place, same or equivalent, he became the same
    8. Sacrifice-the surrender or destruction of something prized, or desirable for the sake of something consider as having a higher or more pleasing claim
      1. a form of worship (Jesus decided to sacrifice himself.
      2. to become closely involved with
      3. to become intimate with.
    9. Redemption- to rescue to buy back to clear payment of penalty to regain  possession to ransom to redeem a person from captivity by paying a stipulated price pay claim to redeem by sacrifice
    10. Crucify points the way to death
      1. also putting the old self to death
      2. done by submitting all your decision and desires to the lord.
    11. Substitutionary– equivalent or equal to
  1. When we think we are losing we are actually winning whenweare identified with Christ
    1. WE need to see victory in anguish in pain
    2. we need to see joy in death
    3. Paul sought to know God in the fellowship of his suffering.

He Was Made Sin

  1. When Sin was laid on him you and I were laid on him
    1. this is the revelation of being crucified with him.
  2. He personally bore our sins ( to take out
  3. He offered himself so that we might dies and cease exist to sin and have his righteousness
  4. All that this sin derives from sin, filth guilt and pain he became.
  5. Our healing is the remission of sin which is death
  6. WE have been Healed from the Law of Sin and Death
  7. The body of sin has been destroy and you should no longer serve it.

What is Sin

  1. is heredity it of the nature
    1. brings about disease ( in the greek is death)
    2. sickness comes from Sin

The law of spirit of life has made of free from the Law of Spirit and death (Rom 8:9)

Live under righteousness

the blood of christ has an obligation to impute unto you the power of righteous..and we have an obligation to him to be obedient

Supporting Scriptures: Isaiah 53:3-11

How  we are Identified

  1. We died and were crucified with his suffering Galatians 6:4
  2. Wewere buried with him Act 2:27
    1. He trusted God (his father) would deliver him from Hell
  3. Suffered with him Psalms 88 (jesus speaking from the grave

4 Divine Attribute going on in Hell.

    1. power being displayed
    2. love
    3. faithfulness
    4. righteousness

When we start identifying ourselves with Christ we will esteem it as important because whether we live or die is gain.


If we remember when we going through that the Father Loves us that no matter what we go through he love us.



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