Identification With Christ: Two-fold Oneness Pt.1

WCrucified_722573987hat does Identification mean?

How do you see yourself?

How are you known?

It is the challenge of the church to grasp their identification of Christ its been reality or dogma.

 Key Facts to Identification-what connect us to identifying with Christ

  1. When death slew Christ it slew (destroyed)  itself
  2. We are more than a conquerer
  3. He conquered sin when he allowed it to overcome him.(his spirit)
  4. He conquered  when he let satan gain the master over him. (his spirit)
  5. He conquered disease when he let disease take over him. .(his spirit)
  6. He became one with Satan in spirituaL death to make us one with God in Spiritual Life.

Key Words to Remember

With– accompanied, calls to be,  or go along, to be in association connection and  accompanied association or interacting of another

To Substitute– to take the place, same or equivalent, he became the same

Sacrifice-the surrender or destruction of something prized, or desirable for the sake of something consider as having a higher or more pleasing claim

Redemption– to rescue to buy back to clear payment of penalty to regain  possession to ransom to redeem a person from captivity by paying a stipulated price pay claim to redeem by sacrifice

Crucify– points the way to death

This is our oneness with him that when we die to sin we identify with him because we die to what he was made

How we die to sin? Listen to the message and be introduced to your Identification in Christ


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