Breathe Again P.1

The Adversary aim is to rid the believer from their passion (strong desire, compelling emotions, and enthusiasm) towards the Lord—— Word, prayer, praise, and worship? The presence of God! The believer’s state is that they have become indifferent (no interest, unimportant, non-caring, doesn’t matter one way or another, not involved) with God and His people. The purpose of this teaching is to awaken God’s people to their true circumstance (freed and empowered to always overcome). It is also to help you understand the high ranking forces (Generals: False Prophet and Anti-Christ) behind the spirit of divination (and or python) and it’s ultimate goal in eradicating the manifested power of the believer’s life through —False “Truth. The God of this age uses (the prevailing thought of this world) assists us in becoming miserable Christians by using temptations, cares, pressures, and burdens of life to squeeze our spiritual life line out of us to silent our mouths and to rid the word useless and of no affect. The Breathe Again Series goes through Acts 16 and reveals a lot about why prayer, praise, and the power and presence of the Holy Spirit are vital to our spiritual life—and why these are the very things the enemy seeks to choke out of you.


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