Breakthrough: Making a Clean Cut P.2


To  understand  the  necessity  of  a  clean-­‐cut  breakthrough  from  our environment.

Foundation Scripture:

John  8:36  (AMP) “So  if  the  Son  liberates  you  [makes  you  free  men],  then  you  are  really  and unquestionably  free.”

Supporting Scripture-

Galatians 5:19-21 ESV “Now  the  works  of  the  flesh  are  evident:  sexual  immorality,  impurity,  sensuality, idolatry,  sorcery,  enmity,  strife,  jealousy, fits  of  anger, rivalries, dissensions,  divisions, envy,  drunkenness,  orgies, and  things  like  these.  I  warn  you,  as  I  warned  you  before, that  those who  do such  things  will  not  inherit  the  kingdom  of  God.”

Learning Outcomes

  1. Faith  imposes  eternity  into  time.
  2. Reality  of  Faith.
  3. Dual  force  of  our  growth;  revelation  and  faith.
  4. Key  principle  that  rids  hindering  forces.
  5. Identifying  root  cause  of  your  bondage.
  6. Time  is  growing  short  because  time  is  running  into  eternity.


Living  In  His  Glory  Is  Your  Destiny.  So  if  you’re  not  prepared  to  change,  in  essence,  you  are  refusing  the  new  thought pattern  as it comes to your  mind. The reason why many have not experienced  a  clean-­‐cut  breakthrough is because they have  soul  ties  (with family, associates,  and other relationships).  If  you  are  still  seeing  your  circumstance  then  you  are  not  yet seeing  in  the  spirit. Faith is  the foundation  of  hope.  How can hope  be  present if  in  your  mind  you are  thinking  in  future tense? Deep  calls  unto  deep.  Hope calls  unto evidence. Evidence  calls  unto substance. Substance calls  unto  now. Hope  calls  the  beyond  to the  here  and  now.  Hope  calls  unto  faith for  its  reality. Hope  is  calling  out  for reality, coexistence and Hope  depends  on  faith  for  its  structure,  its  embodiment.

Faith  affirms  God  as  God  –Heb.  11:6  for  he  that  comes  to  God  must  believe  that  he is  (a  supernatural  being  having  supernatural ability-­‐who demands  to  be worshipped. When faith affirms God,  God  affirms  things.  “Seek”  implies  being  continually  absorbed  in  a search  for  something or making  a  strenuous  and  diligent effort  to  obtain  something.


Faith  is  the  structure  of  the  invisible  realm. “God  declares  the  end  from  the  beginning  and  the  beginning  from  the  end.”  Isaiah 46:10 “Hope for was  converted  into the  evidence and  evidence was  converted  into  substance  and  when  it  was  converted  into  the substance,  it  became  now.

Time makes you not believe, time gives limitations and boundaries because you are restricted when you live in time. when you live in the world you are frustrated with time. Faith stands  on  what’s  already predetermined by  God,  what  God  says  you are  now. That’s  why  you  should  have expectancy (enter  His  gates  with Thanksgiving and  His courts  with  praise.  God is God,  and his word is true,  he cannot lie it has to happen! NOW FAITH IS!


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