Breakthrough Making a Clean Cut P.1


To  understand  the  necessity  of  a  clean-­‐cut  breakthrough  from  our environment-­‐-­‐-­‐.    Now  is  the  critical  hour  that  we  need  to  hear  the  Word  crystal  clear and  let  Him  write  on  our  heart.    When  he  writes,  it  takes  deep  root  in  our  spirit  man and  begins  to  grow.    In  return  we  only  respond  to  him  with  “Amen.”  It’s  then  only  our  spirit  is  programmed  to  respond  to  what  He  is  saying.    We  then have  the  capacity  to  open  our  spirits  to  new  truth  and  revelation.    When  this occurs  we  will  experience  a  breakthrough  into  new  realms  of  understanding  God, His  Word  and  His  Purpose  for  us.

Foundation Scripture:

John  8:36  (AMP)

So  if  the  Son  liberates  you  [makes  you  free  men],  then  you  are  really  and unquestionably free.

Supporting Scripture:

Galatians 5:19-21 ESV

Now  the  works  of  the  flesh  are  evident:  sexual  immorality,  impurity,  sensuality, idolatry, sorcery,  enmity,  strife,  jealousy,  fits  of  anger,  rivalries,  dissensions,  divisions, envy, drunkenness,  orgies,  and  things  like  these.  I  warn  you,  as  I  warned  you  before, that  those who  do  such  things  will  not  inherit  the  kingdom  of  God.

Learning Outcomes:

1.    Faith  imposes  eternity  into  time.

2.    Reality  of  Faith

3.    Dual  force  of  our  growth;  revelation  and  faith

4.    Key  principle  that  rids  hindering  forces

5.    Identifying  root  cause  of  your  bondage

6.    Time  is  growing  short  because  time  is  running  into  eternity



The  Pharisees  had  claimed  to  be  Abraham’s  seed;  but  they  were  merely  his  fleshly descendants;  and  the  truth  Christ  was  presenting  is  that  to  be  truly  Abraham’s “spiritual” seed,  they  would  have  to  be  “in  Christ,”  or  “in  the  Son,”  and  thus reckoned  a  part  of  the “seed”  singular  (Galatians  3:16).  Until  they  accepted  Christ, their  status  would  continue  to  be that  of  the  slave  and  not  that  of  a  son  of  Abraham.

Jesus  promises  that  if  they  do  remain  in  his  teaching,  you  will  know  the  truth  and  the truth will  set  you  free  (John 8:36).

Whenever  people  put  their  faith  in  Jesus  he  immediately  tests  that  faith.  Jesus  tests  his disciples  by  giving  them  further  revelation  that  stretches  them and  requires  them  to  put their  trust  in  him. To  know  Jesus  is  to  be  liberated  from  all  error  and  evil,  for  it  is  to  know God himself,  who  is  truth  and  purity  and  life.To  know  Jesus  is  to  be  liberated  from  all  error and  evil,  for  it  is  to  know  God himself,  who  is  truth  and  purity  and  life. He  who  follows  Me will  not  be  walking  in  the  dark,  but  will  have  the  Light  which  is Life.

Spiritual  freedom  is  the  freedom  from  sin,  and  sin,  at  its  heart,  is  an  alienation from  God. This  alienation  is  caused  by  sin  in  the  sense  of  both  error  and  evil.   The  antidote,  faith, corresponds  to  both  of  these  aspects  since  it  is  the appropriation  of  knowledge  of  God (which  replaces  the  error). God  has  to  give  you  a  breakthrough  from  your  environment  because  that’s your  reality. Until  you  get  a  breakthrough,  the  curse  will  have  preeminence  in  your  life.

We  Have  Been  Freed  From  Bondage  Of  Enslavement  Of  Satan,  Correct? Well,  the  devil  is dethroned,  disarmed,  and  defeated.

Every  time  our  flesh  leads  us,  it  is  nothing  more  than  a  replay  of  Adam’s  fall.


So,  the  purest  form  of  breakthrough  is  simply a  sudden  burst  of  advanced  knowledge  that  takes  you  past  a  point  of  defense.  Jesus  promises  that  if  they  do  remain  in  his  teaching,  you  will  know  the  truth  and  the truth  will  set  you  free  (v.  32) Jesus  is  offering  a  restored  relationship  of  intimacy  with  God,  which  brings  life  in place  of  death. Until  we  get  a  breakthrough,  we  remain  tied  to  the  very  things  that  God  is  trying  to loose  us  from.    When  you  get  a  sudden  burst  of  revelation. Until you get a breakthrough you will still have the curse of sin. God’s destiny for each of us is to live in his Glory. Its not about your wait it is ultimately about your walk; so come out of the wait and step into the walk.  Begin to live in your future which is now. Jesus’ Resurrection liberated you, so be in a place called Done!


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