Report: Fiery Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Is Heading to Iran

By Billy Hallowell

File photo of Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan (Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan will reportedly speak at a rally in Iran on Thursday — a ceremony that will mark 37 years since the Islamic Revolution unfolded, according to Fox News.

Farrakhan, 82, is known for his oft-times contentious remarks about Jews, the U.S. and a plethora of other sociopolitical subjects. He will reportedly speak alongside Iranian president Hassan Rouhani at the event, where a new drone is being put on public display.

The event as well as Farrakhan’s purported participation were reported this week by Tasnim News Agency, a private media outlet in the Iran. The news agency said that Farrakhan will be considered “a special guest” and that a new drone will be unveiled.

File photo of Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan (Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

In addition to the drone, which is called “Shahed,” a ballistic missile and satellite carrier will also reportedly be publicly shown, with the outlet reporting that 450 foreign guests from 28 countries are expected to be in attendance.

As TheBlaze has extensively documented, Farrakhan has a long history of controversial commentary. Most recently, he called Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s immigration hesitations “wise,” but warned in a separate interview that, “If Donald Trump becomes president, he will take America into the abyss of hell.”

Farrakhan also lashed out at media outlets last summer, saying that they “terribly missed the mark” when covering a speech he delivered in July 2015 during which he called for black Americans to “rise up” and “kill those who kill us” if the government fails to “intercede.”

Louis Farrakhan. (Mario Tama/Getty Images) Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

“I never said kill all white people! Those are not my words. Those are the words of the mischief-makers,” Farrakhan said during a subsequent speech in Memphis, Tennessee, on August 20. “If you’re going to quote me, then quote me! But when you add your evil mischief-making to my words to make white people think that I’m calling on black people to kill white people to start a race war, then you’re nothing but a lying devil!”

He continued, “They’re saying these things to frighten white people and silly black people.”

Farrakhan said that both the Bible and the Koran contain a “law of retaliation in matters of the slain.” The Nation of Islam leader also said that it is essential for police and prosecutors to properly and fairly do their jobs.

As for the trip to Iran, it’s likely that questions will arise surrounding the Islamic country’s anti-Israel stance and Farrakhan’s past claims about Jews; last year, Farrakhan said in an interview that the Jews are the “most powerful” group.

“Who owns America, who runs America that everybody has to pass by Farrakhan for the litmus test? You have a small population of Jewish people in America, but they’re the most powerful,” he said. “Nobody can deny their influence, their power, their money.”

(H/T: Fox News)

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