Starlet Dancy

Starlet Dancy is a no-nonsense woman of God with a rhythm that has seeped into her very soul. She is a worshipper and expresses her love for the Father primarily through dance. She has embraced the human body as its own theme, portrait and unique form of expression, and wholeheartedly acknowledges the Father as her choreographer. Starlet strongly believes that people can succeed no matter the circumstances and is determined to change the world through dance. In her own words: “There are no limitations to dancing. Dancing builds faith and removes fear with confidence and endurance.” Currently, Starlet is a hip-hop dance instructor at Dancespace Dance Studio in Virginia Beach, VA, working with youth between the ages of 5-18. There she encourages her students to push past their own mindsets and limitations and recognize their inner strength. She plans to eventually open her own dance studio centered on Christian values.