Roderick Walker

Leader.  Mentor.  Father.  Husband.  Pastor.  Businessman…

These are just a few of the titles one could use to describe the magnetic force of nature that is Rod Walker. Flanked by a dynamic wife and a quiver full of children, Pastor Walker is one of the most authentic representations of a true Christian in today’s world. He spends his time walking out a godly life, enjoying his family, and promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ every chance he gets.

Rod was born May 7, 1964 in Portsmouth Naval Hospital.  The plan for his life was, even then, in jeopardy, as he stopped breathing shortly after being born.  He was resuscitated shortly after, striving for life even from the womb and forever establishing himself as someone who fights to achieve his goals.  The second to the youngest out of five children and short in stature, Rod could easily have harped on his disadvantages, but instead chose to cast his life in a positive light.  He found his place in team sports and compensated for his height by having the biggest heart on the team.  “I was never bound by my stature, because my heart was unlimited,” he says, and that philosophy has followed him into the prime of his life.  As he has matured, he has never lost his motivation, using it to propel him through the years into greater and greater success, excelling academically, athletically and professionally.  To express his sentiments: “When you tell me I can’t do something, you might as well hand me an award, because I’m gonna get it done.”

Rod is the founder and CEO of Inner Image Designs, an architectural design company that was borne out of his love for sketching and stenciling art.  First recognized by a reporter for a picture he drew in first grade, Rod has consistently been awarded high profile contracts for bridge designs that can now be found all over the world.  His greatest influence was his sixth grade teacher Ms. Terry; he joined her after-school bridge club one evening, where she taught him how to design suspension bridges.  He was immediately fascinated by it, and that fascination eventually led him into a very successful career and ultimately established him as an entrepreneur.  Rod acknowledges fully the path that God has placed him on, and marvels, at times, how different his life could have been; he very nearly became an Olympic gymnast.  “It’s interesting,” he says, “That the very place I crossed every day to get to school [Foreman’s Field] is the very campus where I now conduct the services for my ministry.”  He has partnered with his friend John, who has his own company called Digital Adrenaline, to achieve even greater dimensions of design excellence.

Rod’s path to salvation was as varied as it was authentic.  Born into a family that strictly followed the Jehovah’s Witness creed, he had absolutely no reference point for the Christian faith.  In fact, Christianity was lambasted as paganism and heresy in many services Rod attended.  “They did very well at teaching you morals”, he says, “but they couldn’t give you the Truth, which was Jesus.”  However, even at a young age, the Father managed to penetrate the veil the enemy was trying to blind him with; scenes such as the dialogue between Jesus and the two thieves on the cross burned their way into Rod’s heart and stuck with him even through the ersatz indoctrination.

Rod, however, was without a guide to Truth, and the enemy fought hard to fill that void with deception.  Left to his own devices, Rod Walker began to seek out knowledge from more esoteric sources, landing quite comfortably in New Age mysticism.  Astral projection, remote viewing, channeling, aliens—these were all amplitudes of the supernatural that he began searching out.  God loved Rod too dearly, though, to allow him to be lost and at a critical juncture in his life, he woke up searching for his soon-to-be wife, Melvine Stevenson.

Mel became the archetype Rod had been searching his entire life for.  He had dated her for a period of time back in middle and high school and they went their separate ways, but even though they were in the middle of their own distinctive lives they were irrevocably drawn back to each other.  In spite of his insistence to her that he would never set foot in a church, He found himself at the funeral of his best friend’s wife, where he heard for the first time the call to salvation.  Immediately, though he was completely unsure of how to define it, he knew that the words were calling to him.  Later in his life, after some rumination, he had this to say: “It pricked my heart, and that is what the Truth is supposed to do, no matter what the denomination.  That is what put me on the journey to find God.  Just make sure you have someone with you who can roll with you!”  It was only a short time later when she led him to Christ sitting on the bed one night.

Melvine also knew that it was time to come back to God with the introduction of Rod into her life.  One night, as the two were relaxing with each other, she voiced her concerns for a renewed relationship with the Father, which, of course, entailed leaving a life of sin.  As distressed as Rod was, he knew that it was the right thing to do and set about bringing them together in marriage.

Though Rod was a newly minted Christian, he still had a ways to go to complete deliverance.  He turned to the Holy Spirit to purge him of all the impurities that he had embraced as an unredeemed man.  “Who you are submitted to works through you,” he says, when he thinks about his experience with Holy Spirit, “and I was submitted to God.  And because I was submitted to God, the enemy was forced to flee.”  Unconsciously thirsting for the presence of God, he picked up the book “Good Morning, Holy Spirit”.  That night, in his dreams, he had the experience he was looking for; God spoke to him prophetically, and from then on he knew that God was real.

Rod’s relationship with God is now vibrant and flourishing.  His anointing has defined itself through prayer and an insatiable hunger for the Word of God.   He has studied many areas of the Word that have often been overlooked or regarded as less important than other parts of Scripture by many Christians.  He has worked fervently to discern Truth from error and has regularly encountered the supernatural realm in prayer, study and worship.  Rod also has a specialized anointing for healing miracles and has seen eyes opened and terminal diseases healed under his hands by the Holy Spirit.  He says all the time, “Whatever you do, just make sure you are doing what God told all of us to do: heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out devils!”

Rod is the co-founder of the dynamic teaching ministry, Walker Ministries, the goal of which is to teach the everyday Christian how to develop their recreated human spirit and to see that new man revealed here in the earth.  His heart is to correct the spirit of error that has crept its way into the body of Christ, and to instill a hunger for the presence of God and His Word. He also seeks to inform the body of Christ of their Jewish heritage and how it relates to the everyday Christian.  Rod has a very deep love for the nation of Israel and desires to see Jews and Christians to at least come together as brothers in covenant, if not in faith.  He believes that Walker Ministries is designed for an end-time season, when many men will seek the Truth and not be able to find it.  His prayer is that he will fulfill the call God has placed on his life and see signs and wonders follow his ministry and all those attached to it.  He takes his position in the kingdom very seriously and has committed wholeheartedly to being the best Pastor he can be for those God has attached to him.  As he says, “My whole life, God has been preparing my heart for this ministry.  And it is my heart that the people attached to me supersede the works that I do, which, of course, is God’s heart.  And really, how can you minister effectively without God’s heart?”

He teaches every Sunday morning and Friday night alongside his fervent and studious wife.   His services are engaging, thought-provoking, inspiring, and above all, revelatory.  Rod enjoys spending time with his wife, Melvine, and his granddaughters, Leani and Janae.