Melvine Walker

Melvine Walker was reared in the fear of God through generations of spiritually strong Christian women; her mother and both grandmothers. She surrendered her heart to Jesus Christ at the young age of five, but didn’t fully embrace her call into ministry until her early twenties. About 10 years after committing her life completely to God, she noticed that she was only having a “church” experience, and not developing a real relationship with her divine Creator. This discovery awakened the hidden man deep within her heart and sparked an intense desire to awaken others out of “Church” and into a real relationship with God.

God has anointed and equipped Melvine to serve His people through the five-fold ministry as a Teacher. She is fully persuaded in advancing the Kingdom of God through her demonstrated relentless faith, her unquenchable passion in revealing the importance of developing the Christian’s recreated human spirit, and through prophetic teaching principles.

Melvine is a loving wife and mother of four children. Throughout life’s journey, she has faced and overcome many challenges. However, the challenge that seemed the hardest has blossomed into the most rewarding blessing in her life in the conversion of her husband. Uncompromising in the pursuit of her husband’s salvation, Melvine was used by God to bring her husband from a devout allegiance to the Jehovah’s Witness doctrine into a true spiritual rebirth in Jesus Christ.

A native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, Melvine is quite the accomplished scholar. She has received her Master of Arts in Communications from Norfolk State University with an emphasis in Organizational Group Dynamics, her Bachelors of Science in Mass Media Communications from Old Dominion University, dual minor in Counseling and Marketing, received her diploma in Information Processing from Kee Business College and is a Certified Facilitator from Old Dominion University. Additionally, she is a licensed Real Estate Agent in the state of Virginia for Long and Foster, one of the most successful real estate companies in the Hampton Roads area.

Melvine’s undeniable ambition, loyalty and commitment to God has enabled her to achieve her aimed-for goals such as the 2012 Annual Marketing Recognition Award, the 2010 NACAS Emerging Professional Award, the completion of a Discipleship Training Manual in 2008, and a manual and curriculum for leaders and aspiring ministers called “Training to Reign” in 2010.

Melvine is thoroughly dedicated to the ministry call on her life, and God has continued to elevate her in the Word of God, her faith, and the manifested anointing on her life. During the early years of her ministry, she received her Evangelism License from Mt. Carmel Baptist Missionary Evangelism School, and her Minister’s License from Hebron Cornerstone Church International. While serving faithfully at these ministries she has held many diversified positions youth teacher, hospitality member, and Director of Evangelism Department, to name a few.

Melvine endeavors to relate to the world a very simple, but compelling, subject in all of her teaching: “developing the recreated human spirit”. Her deep passion for people to “get it” often presents itself in an extremely animated demeanor, coupled with a teachable moment for her audience. She often says her growth can largely be contributed to Philippians 4:9:

“The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me (a spiritually mature Christian), practice these things.” “Basically, ‘what I learned, I apply’”, she says, “a very simple principle, yet often neglected by most believers.”

She works hard to include this principle every time she teaches God’s people, hoping they will grasp the simplicity of God’s Word.

Through her faithful 15 plus years of servitude and the spiritual guidance and tutelage of Bishop C. V. Russell, III and Dr. K. L. Warren, Melvine has metamorphosed into an authentic “Berean” (or disciple), steadfastly studying and teaching the Apostle’s Creed Doctrine. She fully embraces and demonstrates the characteristics of a Teacher, being extremely careful to rightfully divide the Word of God and harboring a deep abiding passion for researching the truth, apt to teach and equip God’s people with the incorruptible, indestructible Seed of the Word.

Melvine and Rod Walker have just recently transitioned from their previous ministry to answer the next spiritual charge given them by God: Walker Ministries, a teaching platform where serious students can come to learn how to grow in and live out a life that is being perfected into the new man, one with the Messiah, Jesus Christ.