Melvina “Peaches” Stith

Melvina is the wife of Carl Stith and daughter to Melvine and Rod Walker.  Though often quiet and unassuming, she is force in her own right, with her no-nonsense approach to life as Christian and faith in the Word.  She converted to Christianity from Islam in her youth and ever since has sought to root out false doctrine in the body of Christ.  She shares her husband’s passion for the youth of today and seeks fervently to bring the light of Christ to as many children, teens and young adults as will receive it.  Her own ministry is focused on the eradication of the human trafficking industry around the globe and here in America, as well as forcing the persecution of Christians across the world to the forefront of the social zeitgeist. To this end, she has partnered with her friend Chimere to promote this goal through their personal project, Vessels of Honor.  She has a BA in Criminal Justice and Sociology.