Chimere “Rocket” Carter

Chimere is a passionate and fiery woman of God who takes great delight in ushering believers and non-believers alike into the presence of the Father. Her great heart is filled with the desire to bring an ever-deeper awareness to the body of Christ and the ongoing persecution of their    brothers and sisters around the globe. She has begun, with her friend of many years, a project to further this mission: Vessels of Honor. The purpose of Vessels of Honor is to spread the knowledge of Christian persecution throughout America and inspire others to take action towards their freedom and relief. Chimere also uses her artistic talents to wonderful effect as a makeup artist, image consultant, stylist and recording artist. She is a retired combat veteran, has obtained a BA in Fashion Retail Marketing and Management, has a recorded album on iTunes entitled “Welcome to the Light” and is currently working on her second project, dubbed “The Light Bearers”.