Women of War

Displacing the Enemy

Women of War was birth out of a vision given to Melvine Walker during prayer. She was instructed to equip and educate women in the fierce battle of the second heaven. Melvine’s aim is to bring practical and biblical understanding, and experiential evidence about Satan and his role historically on the church.

Preparing for the battle…

  • Through prayer, humility and obedience to God’s Word (Developing attitude of battle)
  • Breaking all allegiance to the world’s system and destroying all demonic connection of idolatry
  • Repentance (renews the mind)


  • Know and understand their role
  • Apply the Word learned in defense warfare, and apply in offensive warfare
  • Build a true foundation of the Berean Christian

Values/Learning Outcomes:

  • Rightfully divide the word of truth
  • Become effective communicators
  • How to create and maintain healthy relationships
  • Live in His rest
  • The ability to make the right choices and stick with them.

The overall goal Melvine seeks to accomplish in Women of War is for each woman to experience genuine freedom from bondage and thrive as a Christian.

She anticipates God’s glory on the lives of all participants —set-free from mental anguish, fear, depression, sexual perversion, pornography, heartaches, financial bondage, broken and dysfunctional relationships, paralysis, and every demonic oppression.

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