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Texas superintendent reverses decision, no more Bible verses over loudspeaker

The Texas school superintendent who last week said the best response to the Freedom From Religion Foundation is “I’m sorry you feel that way” – about a complaint regarding the reading of Bible verses by a principal during morning announcements – apparently has reversed his position and now will allow sharing of “positive thoughts” but not religious messages over the intercom system.

Politician Posted a Sign Outside of His Office to Send a Big Message to Those Who ‘Murder Children’ — but What Happened Next Has Him Speaking Out

A Texas representative is gaining a fair amount of attention after he posted a sign in the capitol earlier this week that designated him a “former fetus.” Just minutes later, he claims that placard was “ripped down.”

Rep. Jonathan Stickland, a Republican, posted the pro-life placard outside of his office, though its presence was short-lived, as house administration committee chair Rep. Charlie Geren — also a member of the GOP — swiftly sought its removal, citing a rule against hanging posters outside of personal areas, according to Vox.

The “former fetus” sign was reportedly distributed to select politicians by the Texas Right to Life earlier this week in an effort to combat a planned visit on Wednesday from Planned Parenthood supporters who took to the capitol to rally.

Stickland, who posted pictures of the sign to social media, said that putting it on display was his way of sending an important message.

“Today Planned Parenthood is visiting and lobbying the Capitol. In honor of their visit, I put this sign up on my office door,” he wrote on Facebook, along with an image of the sign. “Organizations that murder children are not welcome in my office.”

After Geren removed the sign from outside Stickland’s office, the representative made it known that he disapproved of his colleague’s actions.

“It’s just been ripped down and thrown in my staffer’s face by Charlie Geren,” Stickland told the Texas Tribune. “I thought it was absolutely handled in the wrong way. I wish Rep. Geren was more professional about it instead of intimidating my staff.”

Geren was quick to respond, though, claiming that the signs violated rules governing posters inside the capitol.

“If Stickland wants to act like a child, that’s fair, but I did not rip it down,” he said.

Geren also posted a message to Twitter on Wednesday, explaining that “signs are not allowed to be posted in the walls of the building” and that “they were removed and placed in the office of the members.”

(H/T: Texas Tribune via Vox)